Life Science Tools and IT

Torreya has long enjoyed a strong dialogue with companies in the research tools area.

Our practice in this area is led by Tom Bird who was previously the head of BioWhittaker, a significant supplier of both research tools and bioprocessing agents such as cell culture media, endotoxins, buffers, salines and reagents.

Advances in research technologies have accelerated consolidation of the life science tools industry which has a complex and nuanced structure reflecting the needs of research laboratories in evolving areas such as genomics, proteomics, PCR technology, cellular/gene therapy, 3D organ printing and functional biology.

Our practice also has encompassed healthcare IT which has increasingly been impacted by advances in genome sequencing. We have spent a considerable amount of time with companies involved in both advanced sequencing technologies and the interpretation of big data produced by new technologies.

Our firm has strong relationships with the top players and consolidators in the life science tools and IT field.

Recent projects in life science tools and IT have encompassed:

  • Advice to a significant player in automated histopathology
  • Financial strategy for a company developing a new measurement tool for both research and clinical application
  • Fundraises for two companies in the healthcare IT area