Acceleration of Biopharma Partnering Activity
Into China: Executive Summary

Evolving Marketplace Favorable to Drug Development
And Western Partners

December 12, 2019

Torreya’s report will provide you with:

  • An update on recent market and regulatory policy changes in China that further fuel the demand for innovative products in China and in-licensing activities
  • Highlights of new rare disease policies that will address high unmet needs in China
  • An analysis of the trends in both in-licensing and out-licensing activities, and typical deal structures and terms

Key points:

  • The China pharma market is the second largest with further growth of 230%1 by 2030.
  • Cross-border transactions to China have been growing rapidly in recent years.
  • We believe that in-licensing is expected to dominate in cross-border transactions in the next 3-5 years.

Please contact Torreya China team if you have any questions or comments:

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1 Source: Torreya forecast based on OECD GDP projections and historical relationship between country GDP growth and pharmaceutical consumption.