Creating Value Through Intelligent Borrowing:
Executive Summary

Part I: The Evolving Landscape of the Life Sciences Debt Market

Torreya Report, November, 2019

Torreya’s report provides an overview of the evolving landscape of the Life Sciences debt market.

Key points include:

  • Debt is lightly used by life sciences companies.
  • The direct private debt market for life science companies has grown dramatically.
  • As the value of debt becomes more recognized, the landscape of borrowers is evolving.

This report is the first in a four-part series examining the current debt market place:

  • Part I examines the usage of debt for life science companies
  • Part II examines the rationale for using debt
  • Part III addresses the lender landscape
  • Part IV discusses the term sheet structuring

About Torreya’s Capital Markets Team

Torreya’s five person capital markets team is dedicated to raising capital for our corporate clients via equity, debt and royalty monetizations. Since 2007, through uneven market conditions, we have raised almost $2 billion in private capital for public and private companies, institutions, and inventors seeking growth, liquidity, or acquisition financing.

Select Recent Debt Transactions

4WEB Medical
Growth financing with
SWK Holdings
June 2019
Venture debt raise with
Horizon Technology Finance
$20 million
April 2019
Saama Technologies
Financing with
Perceptive Advisors
$40 Million
March 2019
Mid-Atlantic Dental Partners
Credit facility from
$70 million
January 2019


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