Digital Therapeutics and the Future of Pharma:
Executive Summary

Digital transformation in biopharma is inexorable 1

February 13, 2020

An overview of the digital health and therapeutics landscape highlighting key trends and impacts on industry stakeholders.

Key points:

  • Digital transformation in biopharma is inexorable with $7.4bn raised for digital health start ups in 2019. 1
  • The impact of digital therapies on biopharmaceutical development and treatment of patients will be both evolutionary and revolutionary—driving efficiencies for some and changing paradigms for others.
  • Digital therapeutics – biopharma deal momentum continues to gather pace with over 10 deals representing >$450 million in deal value over the last 12 months. 2
  • Key industry players are bullish on the sector and believe that it will be a meaningful part of the biopharma treatment landscape.

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1 Source: RockHealth.
2 Source: Company Press Releases.