An Update on Private Venture Financing Activity in the Life Sciences Sector: The Evolving Role of Crossover Investors

By Tim Opler, Tom Babich, and Stephanie Léouzon

Analysis of the private venture market for life sciences companies with a particular focus on crossover investors.

June 2021

Biopharmaceutical Sector Update: Market Outlook for 2021

By Tim Opler

A recap of the Top 10 Biopharmaceutical Industry Events of 2020 and forecast of what may come in 2021.

January 2021

Biopharmaceutical Sector Update

By Tim Opler

Evolving financing and deal environment during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

October 2020

The Pharma 1000: The World’s Most Valuable Pharmaceutical Companies

A deep look at the current state and emerging trends in the global pharmaceutical industry.

September 2020

Biopharmaceutical Sector Update

By Tim Opler

Evolving financing and deal environment.

May 2020

COVID-19 and the Biopharmaceutical Sector

By Tim Opler

An outlook for the financing and deal environment.

April 2020

Digital Therapeutics and the Future of Pharma

By Leslie Gautam, Tim Opler

An overview of the digital health and therapeutics landscape highlighting key trends and impacts on industry stakeholders.

February 2020

Acceleration of Biopharma Partnering Activity into China

By Tim Opler, Jie Liu, Jocelyn Lyu

Overview of evolving marketplace favorable to drug development and western partners.

December 2019

Creating Value through Intelligent Borrowing

Overview of the evolving landscape of the Life Sciences debt market.
First of a four part series.

November 2019

New Directions in Oncology Business Development

By Tim Opler

Presented at Sachs Associates, 19th Annual Biotech in Europe Forum
Basel, Switzerland.

September 2019

Creating Value through China Partnering

By Tim Opler, Jie Liu, Kylor Hua, Vivian Xu

Overview of burgeoning market for in-licensing of pharmaceutical products into China and advice on how to negotiate and structure China licensing transactions.

October 2018

The Future of the Global Pharmaceutical Industry

Torreya’s in-depth study of the future of the pharmaceutical industry reveals the sector is larger and faster-growing than previously thought.

October 2017

Generic Pharmaceutical Industry Yearbook

By Allen Lefkowitz, Tim Opler, Vimal Vaderah

Presented at Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA) 2016 Annual Meeting,
Orlando, Florida.

February 2016

Partnerships and Investing in the Life Sciences

By Tim Opler

Presented at 2015 Indiana Life Sciences Summit,
Indianapolis, Indiana.

October 2015

Life Sciences Outlook for 2014

By Tim Opler

Presented at Texas Life Science Forum,
Houston, TX.

February 2014

Pharmaceutical Valuation Analysis in Pharmaceutical Licensing and M&A Transactions: A Tutorial

By Tim Opler, Benj Garrett and Susan Langer

Presented at Torreya Partners Client Event,
Bridgewater, NJ.

January 2014

Life Sciences / Pharma Industry Outlook

By Torreya Partners

Presented at 2012 Texas Life Science Venture Forum,
Houston, TX.

March 2012