Generic Pharmaceuticals

Torreya has decades of experience in the generic pharma sector. Our generics team has more than 100 years of combined experience, including as former heads of business development at major pharmaceutical companies around the world.

With innovation in formulation technology and systemwide pressures to substitute generics for branded products, the generic pharma field is rapidly growing and globalizing. With the deep relationships and respected operating expertise of our team, Torreya has access to a wide range of deal flow—from the largest players to small, entrepreneurial companies in every region of the world.

Torreya’s Generics team advises on:

  • Corporate M&A transactions
  • Asset-level M&A
  • Sale and purchase of manufacturing facilities
  • Debt financing
  • Growth equity


Allen Lefkowitz  |  New York  |
Alan Selby  |  London  |
Nitin Lath  |  Mumbai  |